A Rare Moment of Gloomy Weather

When rain finally comes to San Diego and the first promises of Autumn inspire you despite the humidity, it’s the perfect time to write. In the words of a crewmember aboard Prince Eric’s royal ship in The Little Mermaid, there was a, “hurricane a comin’!” Hurricane Kay brought us thunderstorms and a smattering of rainContinue reading “A Rare Moment of Gloomy Weather”

Review: “Praetorian Rising” by J. McSpadden

So, I’ve been in a reading slump. That being said, this was an amazing adventure read that helped pull me out! Perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings, Throne of Glass, Harry Potter, Eragon, and Skyrim! Its blend of quest-like elements are a natural fit in a vibrant world strained to the seamsContinue reading “Review: “Praetorian Rising” by J. McSpadden”


Hi, friends! I hope you are all doing well in light of Covid-19 and taking care of yourselves and each other. In light of these challenging times, we all need an escape. So, I’m here to announce that, for ONE WEEK ONLY, my Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy, “Fractured Seraph” is on sale!! Starting May 31stContinue reading ““FRACTURED SERAPH” is on Sale!!”


  (Hi, friends. In these troubled times of uncertainty and low morale, we all need a boost now and then. While some of us continue to work diligently to provide care and needs to our communities, we are each of us trying to adjust to life Indoors and away from others. Check out the SynopsisContinue reading “FRACTURED SERAPH – A Promo!”

I Finally “Broke Ground” On A New Story

(Shared from Facebook; Twitter) Hey there, friends. What’re you doing in this quarantine? I know it’s crazy in the world right now and many of us are out of work. I hope everyone is using this time for Self-Care and Reflection. I’m writing again! Though I can’t share any pics right now of my notesContinue reading “I Finally “Broke Ground” On A New Story”

Review: “100 Days of Sunlight” by Abbie Emmons

(Shared from Goodreads and NetGalley) 100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT is, by far, one of my favorite books of all time! Not only is it a real, bright, (at times brooding), emotional rollercoaster. But it is, for me, deeply relatable and personal. While there are books out there in the ether with themes of overcoming andContinue reading “Review: “100 Days of Sunlight” by Abbie Emmons”

Wildfire Drafts of a New Novel

(Shared from Facebook and Twitter) March 10, 2020… I’ve been hard at work on my next book since I published two years ago, between moments of work. Writing several drafts at the speed of a wildfire. Having the time off from other Life issues, I jumped into the Epilogue of #FSBk2, FRACTURED SERAPH’s sequel. Today,Continue reading “Wildfire Drafts of a New Novel”