A Rare Moment of Gloomy Weather

When rain finally comes to San Diego and the first promises of Autumn inspire you despite the humidity, it’s the perfect time to write. In the words of a crewmember aboard Prince Eric’s royal ship in The Little Mermaid, there was a, “hurricane a comin’!” Hurricane Kay brought us thunderstorms and a smattering of rain so I seized the chance for all it was worth! I love the rainy, gloomy, gray weather far more than my little corner of the world gets it. Being disabled and mostly wheelchair-bound, a drier, arid climate helps to keep me going whenever I need to go anywhere (rain + powerchair = No Bueno!). In a perfect world, I’d live somewhere cool and damp with plenty of forest hemmed in around the city or town I settle in. Rain is the best kind of creative weather for me.

But I digress. I used this past weekend’s storm for R&D on my newest WIP. Inspired by the likes of Donna Tartt’s, The Secret History and M.L. Rio’s, If We Were Villains, I plan to pen my own journey into academia. I have always loved learning and spent much of my 36 years in school. It is the subject, no pun intended, I feel the most confident and comfortable in. And while it is a good idea to venture out of our comfort zones, I plan to do so in other ways. As a result of this work in progress, I’m attempting to set my own schedule: Something I can more or less live by now that I’ve graduated college and am not working a standard 9-5 anymore.

Perhaps by jotting down these thoughts both in my journal and here, I will help hold myself accountable. We’ll see. In the meantime, I continue to strive for progress, not perfection.


Published by G.K. Ray

I'm the author of paranormal fiction with murdery twists, mostly Young Adult (YA). My characters are usually amateur sleuths with a diverse array of cultural and social backgrounds. I'm a neurodivergent, disabled queer and self-professed coffee addict who loves to read and binge shows. A Rebellion/Resistance loyalist, dedicated Ravenclaw, and Sims3 player. Out Now online: THE SERAPH DUOLOGY

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